Catalogue: Hybridizations / Contemporary Strategies

This catalogue was published in the occasion of the exhibition Hybridizations / Contemporary Strategies, curated by Ariel Jiménez at JCMAC’s Miami Design District space, on view December 3, 2019 – April 4, 2020.

Hybridizations / Contemporary Strategies brings attention on one of the most common strategies among artists of our time: the will, and even the need to hybridize pre-existing languages, techniques and strategies, in whatever field they work in, with the aim of having these express the cultural and structural complexity of the urban centers and the nations we inhabit.

The catalogue features texts by Juan Carlos Maldonado and Ariel Jiménez and includes 23 illustrations of works.

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Publisher: The Juan Carlos Maldonado Art Collection

Pages: 30

Format: Paperback and digital

Language: English and Spanish editions