Ye’kuana, Basketry Symbology by Charles Brewer-Carías


May 2020, Miami- We are pleased to share a review of Ye’kuana, Basketry Symbology by Cosmic Polymath:

A new book by Venezuelan Encyclopedist and polymath Charles Brewer-Carías, called “Ye’kuana Basketry Symbology: Portal to a Parallel World”is the latest publication in a long list of beautifully illustrated books by the author, showcasing his vast knowledge of the cultural, botanical and biological riches of his native Venezuela. The primary focus of this outstanding book is a deep and thorough investigation into the culture and cosmogony of the Ye’kuana indigenous people displayed through the craftsmanship of their woven basketry.

Assisting Charles with the production of this pioneering book was his wife Fanny Brewer, who’s phenomenal and captivating photography of the Indian artifacts adorn many of its pages and wonderfully compliments Charles’ indepth research on the topic. Also Juan Carlos Maldonado, the director of the Juan Carlos Maldonado Art Collection, who’s enthusiastic support for Charles while he was writing the book must be acknowledged – “he decided with enthusiasm to support me while writing and to print the book; which has became an unexpected success for his Art Collection Foundation “ ​- Charles Brewer-Carías

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Photo: Charles Brewer-Carías by Fanny Brewer.