Ye’kwana, Basketry Symbology

The Juan Carlos Maldonado Art Collection is proud to have published Ye’kwana Basketry Symbology: Portal to a Parallel World by Charles Brewer-Carías.

Ye’kwana Basketry Symbology: Portal to a Parallel World published in 2019 is the latest publication in a long list of beautifully illustrated books by the author, showcasing his vast knowledge of the cultural, botanical and biological riches of his native Venezuela. The primary focus of this outstanding book is a deep and thorough investigation into the culture and cosmogony of the Ye’kwana indigenous people displayed through the craftsmanship of their woven basketry.

The publication features a prologue by Juan Vicente Carrillo-Battala Mattar, research and texts by Charles Brewer-Carías and photography by Fanny Brewer, Charles Brewer-Carías, Javier Mesa and Ignacio Benavides.

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Publisher: The Juan Carlos Maldonado Art Collection

Pages: 470

Format: Hardcover

Language: English and Spanish editions

ISBN: 978-980-18-0816-9

About the author:

Charles Brewer-Carías (born 10 September 1938 in Caracas, Venezuela) is a Venezuelan explorer and naturalist. Known as the “Humboldt of the twentieth century”, Brewer-Carías has led more than 200 expeditions to remote parts of the Venezuelan Guayana, particularly the tepuis (table mountains) of the region. His discoveries include the sink holes of Cerro Sarisariñama and the world’s largest known quartzite cave, Cueva Charles Brewer. Around 27 species of animals and plants have been named in his honor, including the bromeliad genus Brewcaria.